Monday, 28 February 2011

Hey guys great posts from everyone :)

just wanted to outline the over all theam for our project so we can start fitting everything around it lol

Death of marat
Martyre of the french revalution
Which inspired the american revalution
That brought about democracy to america
Which has now inspired Egypt, Tunisia and Lybia to want democracy

i hope evryones okay with this we can also compair marat and the poor Iranian woman in sams post as well as the art that the times seemed to inspire ie neoclassiclism agenst col gaff's properganda posters.


  1. Best of luck for tomorrow’s symposia!

    Remember your presentations need to satisfy the Time Machine 9. The criteria will help you shape your research into a coherent discussion.

    1) A clear introduction to your presentation, which should also mention the different published sources you have used and your reasons for choice. You should use no less than 5 published sources to inform your presentation.
    2) A clear definition of key ideas relating to your given topic, with supporting evidence in the form of, no less than, 3 quotations from 3 different published sources. Quotations must be interpreted and their importance discussed, they should also be referenced correctly using the Harvard method.
    3) The cultural context (political and social) in which the topic came out of/was in reaction to.
    4) An illustrated ‘who’s who’ of key individuals associated with given topic, with a clear explanation of what you think their significance is and why.
    5) Historical examples of key words/images/artefacts associated with given topic and an assessment of their importance.
    6) Contemporary examples of key words/images/artefacts associated with given topic and a comparison to the historical examples.
    7) A ‘bullet point’ conclusion.
    8) A bibliography and illustration list correctly set out using the Harvard method.
    9) A PDF version of presentation for uploading to myUCA.

    Please email your pdf presentation to

    Keep your presentations nice and simple; resist the urge for decorative fonts, elaborate backgrounds or similar. Allow the information to speak for itself. Please check your spelling BEFORE you present!

    And finally - beware the gong! You’ve got ten minutes – use them wisely!

    Chris and I are looking forward to some fascinating time travel tomorrow!

    Be amazing!

  2. *Thursday's Symposia* - sorry! :)