Thursday, 3 March 2011

3rd March Group Presentaion

Time Machine Presentation


  1. Hey Group 6!

    Done and dusted - your first cross-course, collaborative research project (and all the challenges so implied!). Your presentation started well - with a clear introduction and nicely minimal slide design and text ratio to image. I did notice a capitalisation error (france for France), and it was clear that something went 'wrong' in the middle segment, with an outbreak of confusion and slides being moved through rather quickly. That said, both Chris and I were particularly impressed with Callum, whose confidence and 'ownership' of the ideas expressed enlivened the audience; some really nice linking between Marat and Neda and 'the image'. Talking without notes (i.e. with confidence) frees up the speaker to engage with the audience on a number of different levels - eye-contact, gesturally and the ability to respond and adapt to changes in mood. I suggest all group members work to feel as free to enjoy their subject in the next symposia.

  2. I think there was a bit of confusion because one member of our group didn't attend last minuet so we didn't have info for that part. But callum took it upon himself to try and cover it which was really good of him and helpfull.