Monday, 28 March 2011

Robot Chicken and Celebrity Death Match

Nick park has also influenced many modern takes on plasticine animation such as Robot Chicken and Celebrity death match.

Robot Chicken

Written by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich and started in 2005. they have taken stop animation modeling to new hights useing a combination of action figures and modles. the show is known for its parodys and funny situations. They have brought out three films based on the starwars trilogies. Taken influence from nick park and even parody wallace and gromit in one episode

Celebrity death match

started in 1998 celebrity death match is a contraversail claymation wretaling show wich overesagerates vilionce and gore. the show shows well known celebritys killing each other for various reasons. like robot chicken they take influence from the way wallace and grommit were produced and i feel that people realte to claymotion shows becuse of wallace and gromit.

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  1. you and sam have done so much research man, is it still ok tomorrow if we sit down and go through it if i meet you at uni at about half one ? and we can run over it before our lesson then tomorrow night ill go over it all and write some notes , do u want me to put the presentation together or is that sorted ?

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