Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Claymation- Research Post

A brief timeline before Nick Park

The invention of Plaster-scene: 1897
William Harbutt was the inventor of Plaster-scene in 1897, he ran an art school and intended for this non-drying modelling clay to be used by his students.

The Earliest surviving use of the Clay animation technique is from 1908, A Sculptor's Nightmare, Directed by Wallace McCutcheon. 

Part 01

Part 02


Part 03

1957 - 1968
Clay animation became more of a public interest with The Gumby Show. A series of clay animated characters with a target audience of children. This show was an idea to tell stories incorporating values and learning for children.
Created by Art Clokey.

Figure 1. Gumby-Weight and See 1957


The Creation of Ray Harryhausen's Jason and the Argonauts. 

Figure 2: Ray Harryhausen with film models.

Figure 3: Scan from Ray Harryhausen A Birthday Celebration

Ray Harryhausen's groundbreaking and breathtaking work lives on within generations and continues to inspire others. Such as Nick Park.

List of Illustrations:

Figure 1: Gumby-Weight and See (1957) From: The Gumby Show. On Livejournal (Accessed on: 29.03.11)

Figure 2: Ray Harryhausen with Film Models (Date Unknown) On Blogspot,r:14,s:117&tx=113&ty=65&biw=1439&bih=780 (Accessed on: 29.03.11)

Figure 3: Scan from Ray Harryhausen A Birthday Celebration. BAFTA  and BFI Booklet accompanying the event of Ray Harryhausen's 90th Birthday Celebration At BFI Southbank 2010
(Not sure how to reference an image I scanned from a booklet correctly)


Author & Date unknown. Claymation (Accessed on: 29.03.11)

Gumby- Weight and See (1957) (Accessed on: 29.03.11)

The Sculptor's Nightmare Part 01 (1908)

(Accessed on: 29.03.11)

The Sculptor's Nightmare Part 02 (1908)

(Accessed on: 29.03.11)

The Sculptor's Nightmare Part 03 (1908)
(Accessed on: 29.03.11) The Sculptor's Nightmare 1908. In: Internet Movie [Online] (Accessed on: 29.03.11) The Gumby Show. In: Internet Movie [Online] (Accessed on: 29.03.11)

This could link to where Nick Park was inspired? 
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  1. well nat do you want to speak about this then ? because the opening slides are all about nick park then im gunna speak about his influence's then i know callum knows what he's saying
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  2. yeah i dont have a problem speaking. is there anything you need as you're putting the presentation together arent you?

  3. im posting it in a sec its finished. if you could just write about nick park and his career a little bit what his work is about thats all we need covering :)