Saturday, 26 March 2011


Hi guys sorry i haven't posted on here in a while i wasn't in uni last week so im jsut tryingt o catch myself up with everything thats going on.
Can we have a meeting on monday please and get everything written down. i dont mind putting the presentation together again as long as you dont send me the info last min becuase i really dont want to be sat up all night again refferencing and everything, but yeh if we research the stuff callum and sam have posted on here then on monday bring it all in and we can sit down and do a time line again. it would be good if everyone could make it this time and everyone could bring some research with them so we know what we are doing, without sounding horrible i feel some of us worked a lot harder than others last time when i came to research so it would be nice if everyone could get some research for monday as it is a group thing.
So yeah if we can get some research and bring it monday we can sit do a time line again like last time and sort out whos doing what slide, sound ok ?


  1. Hey abbie thats fine with me me and sam have pretty much written everything i just need to give him a bit more and the powerpoint is pretty much done but anymore resarch is good we can add stuff here and there all i wanna do is cut the info down into bullet points as i liked thelayout of the last powerpoint :D have a good night

  2. I didn't see this post until now, that would be the reason I didn't attend the meeting. Maybe a text or Sam could let me know if there is another meeting before presentation incase I haven't managed to get online beforehand?