Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Notes From Last Essay (hope this is not cheating)

These are my notes from my Unit 4 Essay about Scott Pilgrim; I figured if we are going to be looking at Edgar Wright these would be useful.
Edgar Wright Here, 2010, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Q&A moderated by filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro, Available At:
“I think that one thing that is most puzzling is how people confuse effortlessness with ease. One of the hardest things to simulate and craft is something breezy, alive and effortless.”
“One of the things that Edgar did that absolutely destroyed me was transitions, the transitions are incredibly effortless, fluid, smart and where completely appropriate to the movie. He’s not doing it as a show of, but as part of the reason and narrative behind the story.” 
 “There’s a very deliberate use of saturated colours as the story advances, and for good reason.”
“There is a way of reading it, were it could all be happening in Scott’s mind.”
“There are few movies that so clearly evoke what it is to be young. It is a blessing when you find a piece like this that really reminds you of the complex simplicity of being young. Your problems are few but they run very deep, I think the movie evokes that perfectly.”
 [Del Toro, 2010]
“I always wanted to walk this line between fantasy and reality. At the parts were they bust into battle his friends start acting differently, it becomes his version of everyone.”
[Lee O’Malley, 2010]
“Bryan’s note about Scott as a character is that Scott is the hero of a movie inside his own head. In the last book a flashback is revealed to be completely different, Scott is an unreliable narrator. Once I had that information it was a really great way of how to imagine the movie, which is that the movie is playing inside Scott’s head.”
“Bryan’s sense of composition is great he is forcing your eye and telling a story with the negative space. In the movie I tried to give the feeling of reading I saw the transitions as like turning the page. You could see the movie as reading the books as if you are a very fast reader. I also tried to match the artwork not just in terms of composition but to try and do a different shot every edit.”
The angles for each panel in the book changes giving a sense of rhythm. Edgar wanted to do this to create the same sense of rhythm and to keep the movies energy up. 
[Wright, 2010]
The reality of the movie would be a Clerks (1994, Kevin Smith) style indie movie with no crazy fight scenes. But Scott has reinterpreted it inside his own head.    
DVD Documentary Notes
Nira Park Producer
“It’s a true comedy, It’s a comedy but there’s a heightened sense of reality.” [Park, 2010]
“Edgar has cut the movie in his head before he starts shooting, he storyboards the whole movie. Every single frame is storyboarded he knows exactly how his going to put it together.”
Edgar Wright
“It has elements of so many things I am passionate about comedy, action and music.” [Wright 2010]
“In a musical when the emotion gets too much between two characters to be expressed in dialog, they break out in song, and nobody ever comments on it before or after. In the Scott Pilgrim Universe when the emotion gets too much to express in dialog they break out into fight.”  [Wright 2010]
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Notes form a movie discussion/ Q&A about Scott Pilgrim vs. The World with the director Edgar Wright, Bryan Lee O’Malley the writer of the graphic novels, lead actor Michael Cera and master director Guillermo Del Toro is moderating.


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