Wednesday, 30 March 2011

my noats

Nicks first known animation is the chiken dance from peter gabrials sledge hammer
the video uses stop start animation throughout
held as one of the best music videos of all time
although this was his first publicised animation he had already started on wallace and gromits big day out

Nick created wallace and gromit in collage
Know for their wackey inventions children and adults love wallace and gromit
Many advertisesing companys have used wallace and grommet to market there brands
the show takes many weeks to film
the original clay wallace and gromit were burnt a few years ago

the original creture comforts began in the 80's
the voices are of real people in interviews and the clay animals are based on the interviewees
cretures comforts like wallace and grommit has been used to advertise many products as it is a much loved show

Nick park's first feature film was chiken run wich was relesed in 2000
mel gibson voiced the role of rockey
won 22 awards and nominated for a bafta and an oscor
draws its influence from the great escape
like nick parks other works this film has been seen as a british tresure
the chickens ginger and rocky were named after nick parks real chickens

in 2005 wallace and gromit got thire first feature film curse of the were rabbit
it won an oscar and 30 other awards
the animations were so focused each character had at least 30 diffrent versions of its self to portray diffrent expressions
the film required 2.8 tonnes of plastacence
hailed as one of the best animations of all time

Although celebrity death match is very diffrent from wallace and grommit with heavy play on vilonce many feel that the show would not be soo popular without its wallace and grommit roots
the show took about the same time to film than wallace and gromit

Seth green is a known fan of nick park and even parodyed wallace and grommit in one of his robot chicken sketches
the show differs to nick parks work as they use a mix of action figures and clay and many feel that it is the dawn of a new age in clay mation
nick park has been herd saying that he watches the show from time to time

abbie your work is fine but im sorry i dont have any links sam did most of the original powerpoint see you tomorow hope you have your stuff :)

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